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Decluttering, transport and organization

Nettoyage Saphir does the heavy lifting for you

Have you just gone through a major change in your life that calls for a change in your home or that of a loved one? Whether it’s a spring clean, a new turn in your life, a move, the departure of your teenagers, the departure of your spouse, the death of a loved one, an inheritance, an estate, an eviction, an expropriation or a case of compulsive accumulation (Diogenes Syndrome, Noah’s Syndrome, Syllogomania, Hoarding, Morbid Insalubrity), Nettoyage Saphir is there to declutter and move your clutter! We’re the experts in these situations!


  • Free quotation within 24 hours
  • Sorting and listing
  • Boxing of goods
  • Disposal of junk
  • Bagging
  • Disposal of materials
  • Transport
  • Surface cleaning
  • Unpacking goods and furniture
  • Disinfection
  • Biocide (viruses and bacteria, etc.)
  • Deodorization by steam or ozone
  • Space organization

Emptying the house following an estate or inheritance

We are well aware that an estate or inheritance requires a great deal of management time and personal involvement. In all likelihood, the days of re-enumerated leave allocated to the estate will be insufficient to deal with everything. For many, this represents a bereavement filled with varied emotions. While you finalize the management of the 11 legal steps of the estate, Nettoyage Saphir works according to the defined match plan.

We’re there to sort, empty, move and tidy up all the belongings in your home, apartment, rental property, cottage or business. The property will be cleaned according to your needs, from simple cleaning, disinfection and deodorization to a complete overhaul. It will be handed over to you according to agreed requirements within a short timeframe.

We’re ready to serve you anywhere in the province. Just give us a call!

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From simple junk removal to major decluttering

After a decade or less, things may have piled up around the house; the family may have grown OR it was a good way to fill a temporary void OR you’ve simply experienced a thousand things OR you’ve inherited a lot. In short, maybe it’s time to clear the clutter and lighten up your living environment! Too many objects around you have more impact than you might think.

They influence you, depending on their nature, either consciously or unconsciously.
They modify your thoughts through a phenomenon of association (e.g. Empty Nest Syndrome).
They induce a “mirror effect” towards a lifestyle. E.g.: sports equipment, old knick-knacks…
They promote a sense of security, immobility or rumination on the past.
They accumulate dust and affect the ergonomics and peace of place.
They waste management and cleaning time, and affect your efficiency.
They lead to unhealthy conditions when there’s a lot of compulsive accumulation.

Nettoyage Saphir can help you make your space cleaner and more zen-like, and lighten your thoughts. De-cluttering will help you move on to the next stage of your life. Save on maintenance time and comfort. What’s more, we offer a space management service if required.

We’ll sort what needs to be kept, make your boxes and manage them with the appropriate transport. We’ll carry out these services in an eco-responsible way, recycling and managing hazardous waste. Need a full cleaning service as a bonus? We’re just what you need, with our ozone-hydroxyl deodorizers and generators. So don’t delay!

Contact Nettoyage Saphir!

Compulsive accumulation management and storage

Some people develop a mania for accumulating large numbers of miscellaneous items. Sometimes the quantity is so great that several bins are needed to deal with it. The reasons for this accumulation vary widely. In most cases, it’s due to a feeling of insecurity and isolation. Seriously cluttered rooms and common areas affect the use, safety and health of a building through the presence of foul odors. In the most serious cases, the health of occupants and neighbors is at stake.

There are several names for these compulsive hoarding manias: Diogenes syndrome, syllogomania, hoarding and morbid insalubrity. In all cases, professional help is highly recommended. Nettoyage Saphir has dealt with thousands of similar cases. As it’s often not enough to simply pack up and move the furniture, it’s often necessary to de-clutter, clean, disinfect and deodorize the unhealthy premises.

According to the province of Quebec’s administrative housing tribunal (TAL), if you are the building owner, you could be held legally responsible for inaction, and if so, for the physical, psychological and financial consequences caused to tenants and neighbors. The tenant suffering from compulsive hoarding would also be liable in the eyes of the law.

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